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October 20, 2010 / Alexis

North Sydney: not the most Inspiring Place

One thing I am coming to realise about being a photographer is that unless you’re shooting photos indoors with few people around, you look a little strange. My 9-5 job has absolutely nothing to do with photography (I got it on the basis of having some sort of writing skills (because writing is what I’ve always loved to do)), but I’ve had my camera with me everyday. I’ve been going out in my lunchbreaks and taking random snaps around the area. North Sydney isn’t the most inspirational area. And if you’re walking around lunch hour with nothing but a fat DSLR, rich business people look at you as though you’re some sort of weirdo that just happened to spawn out of the ground to kill them, as opposed to just taking pictures of the surrounds. But that said, I’ve humiliated myself in so many different ways this year that I’m starting to not care what others think of me, which I guess helps when you just want to go around taking pictures (even if people suspect you of being some sort of spy).


This picture on the left is a little… nook, I guess you can say, that’s next to a place that makes some of the best hot chocolates I’ve had. And it actually made for a few OK pictures. I just stood on the street snapping away. Dunno what I liked about it. I guess it’s just an eclectic scene of different sorts of people in a tiny area that features a second hand bookshop (I love that shop!), something Japanese and the tiny little Italian cafe. Compared to the rest of North Sydney, it’s not really a common sight to see little spots that you’d be more likely to see in Melbourne.


Also, I have been very inspired by the APPAs. There is some amazingly amazing work featured on that site, and I can only dream of getting to that sort of standard! Although it’s very inspiring, and during our (almost) nightly jog tonight, I came up with (what I think) would make for a good photo (or series of photos) featuring my husband. I think the most difficult part will be convincing him to take part!


I am also blogging here now to say that I’m gradually going to add to this here album. I don’t have my own website, per se to act as some sort of portfolio, so for now I thought I’d make use of Picasa and “upgrade” myself to a nicer website if/when I ever get better at this photography endeavour!


And with that, methinks I will go sleep now!


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