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October 26, 2010 / Alexis

What an Amazing Experience!

I shot my first (hopefully not last!) wedding on the weekend. And it was probably one of the most amazing, exciting, nerve-wracking (in a good way) and fun things I’ve ever done! It was for a family friend: someone who’s known me all my life. And after unofficially shooting my friend’s 30th birthday the weekend before, they asked if I could come and take some photos for their wedding. I totally jumped at the opportunity! The week leading up to it went SO slowly, but I was just on an endless adrenaline rush the whole time the wedding was happening! It was held in a restaurant called “The Italian Village” which was right on Sydney Harbour. As we got there, a massive storm erupted and gave me a few frights! But it seemed to set a cosy sort of mood.


The wedding was really nice, and people seem to give you a particular type of “space” when they realise you’re the photographer. LOL. I’m not sure how else to quite describe it.


Honestly, I had the best time. I hope it wasn’t my last! I can’t thank Claire and Russell enough for letting me come and take pics and for giving me that experience. It was just amazing!


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  1. TC / Oct 29 2010 10:01 am

    Wow, keep taking photos and enjoying it!

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